MyProcess - Tman's Woodworking

Hello! My name is Thurman Miller. I enjoy working with wood, particularly large slabs. These are trees that are salvaged from urban tree removal and I see it as my job to uncover nature's beauty that is hidden beneath the bark!

Wood slabs add a dramatic focus area that brings warmth into your home. 

Careful selection, sizing, along with custom fitting and finish, will ensure your vision comes to life. Whether you want a table, a bar, a custom cabinet - inside or outside, I can make it happen.

I want the customer involved throughout the entire process. Selecting the right slab, determining the thickness desired, and seeing the dry-fit prior to applying the finish are essential key decision points in the process. 

As I prefer the look and durability of a hand-rubbed finish, the entire process from our first meeting to delivery is about 3 months. This can vary +/- 1 month depending upon slab & customer availability.

I also do custom cabinets and shelving to your specifications using the material that best suites your vision. 

Price is $60/hr + materials. Most jobs are approximately 20-30 hours per slab. Slabs vary in price from $400-$4,000 depending upon species, figure, thickness & size.